Wiring harnesses

Tata AutoComp, with its joint venture partner Yazaki Corporation, manufactures wiring harnesses for various segments of the automobile industry, including passenger cars and commercial vehicles. It also supplies wiring harnesses for special applications such as air bag assemblies, HVAC, lighting systems, EMS, etc.

Our products range includes:

  • Integrated modular wiring harnesses providing power to the vehicle
  • Battery cables capable of carrying heavy currents from the battery to other parts of the vehicle
  • Connectors and terminals that connect various sections and modules of the vehicle. The product range includes specially designed double-locking, waterproof connectors and terminals, grommets, etc.
  • Junctions and fuse boxes for car safety and protection

Manufacturing facilities

Main Wiring Harness NanoOur integrated manufacturing facility near Pune, India, includes a 100 percent export-oriented unit. The facility uses globally recognised quality control systems and processes to ensure the highest quality levels (defect levels as low as zero parts per million) for its customers.

The plant has the ability to handle a variety of customer-specific requirements as evidenced by the company's broad range of products and customers, and is capable of highly cost-effective just-in-time supplies to customers globally. The plant has the capacity to satisfy growing global demands.

Its unique and globally benchmarked learning centre and training programmes develop employee skills in machine operations, assembly, maintenance, quality systems and defect prevention. This enables quick design changes and ramping up of production to meet customer requirements.

Manufacturing processes at the plant include:

  • bulk-headWire cutting
  • Wire stripping
  • Wire crimping
  • Joints
  • Insertion
  • Assembly
  • Taping
  • Visual inspection
  • Packing

The company is ISO / TS 16949 and ISO 14001 certified.

Manufacturing unit: Tata Yazaki AutoComp Limited
Joint venture partner: Yazaki Corporation


Fuse Relay Box  Nano
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